Top Music Blogs

Top Music Blogs

There are top music blogs that have hundreds of thousands of devoted readers, up-and-coming blogs written by skilled authors, and an increasing amount of fan feedback posted on social networking platforms.

The question is how to sort through all of them to locate the ones that will help you.

To aid you in your quest to broaden your musical horizons, create your sound, and integrate into the blogging community, we have compiled a list of the top music blogs.

Whether you’re a regular reader of music blogs or this is your first time, we guarantee you’ll find at least one or two here that you’ll love. That’s why I’ve decided to compile a list of electronic music blogs in 2023.


First on our list of top music blogs is Pop Matters. This show is dedicated entirely to pop culture. The site features writings on a wide variety of subjects, including but not limited to literature, sports, theater, and travel. The website has an extensive music section that serves as a central hub for a variety of musical features including interviews, critiques, and articles.

2. Fader

The FADER is a publication that discusses not just music but also fashion and culture. This is hardly the kind of periodical that will introduce you to up-and-coming musicians before any of your other friends have heard of them.

Despite this, this is an excellent location for staying abreast with the latest happenings in the world of popular music.

3. Popjustice

This site is a lot of fun, and it’s all about pop music and culture. They include news, interviews, new music on Fridays, and, most significantly, a calendar that details the amount of time that has passed since Rihanna’s most recent album release.

4. The Playground

The Playground, one of the top music blogs, is headquartered in the United Kingdom. This prestigious music blog covers a wide variety of musical styles, including electronic dance music (EDM), ambient, indie, house, and singer-songwriter music. In addition to this, the blog discusses some of the most recent events that have occurred in the wider music business.

5. Billboard

It is unnecessary to provide an introduction for Billboard, and the term “blog” may be overused in this context given the objectives of this essay. Nevertheless, if you want to stay abreast with the most recent news and gossip about today’s most popular singers and record companies, Billboard, one of the top music blogs in the world, is the place to look.

6. Earmilk

Another addition to the list of top music blogs is Earmilk. Earmilk is an online music magazine that has writing from writers from all over the world. It publishes articles on a wide range of musical subgenres, and the organization has a goal statement that emphasizes the identification of undiscovered musical talent.

7. This Song is Sick

Since 2010, one of the top music blogs, This Song Is Sick has been spreading the word about brand-new music. You’ll discover a variety of musical styles and brand-new songs here, from both well-known artists and emerging bands and musicians.

There is a way for you to submit your music to be considered for inclusion on This Song Is Sick if you would like for it to be included on the show.

8. Fluxblog

One of the top music blogs in the world, Fluxblog claims to have been the first MP3 blog. The playlists that the owner, Matthew Perpetua, has curated on Spotify are included in the postings with brief critiques of recent releases in various musical genres.

You may listen to the music while reading Matthew’s opinions thanks to the links that are provided for each track that was discussed.

9. Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone has been publishing since 1967 and has moved away from its rock beginnings to report on all major genres of music in addition to television, film, and culture. The term “Rolling Stone” will be recognized by any music enthusiast, hence it is no surprise that it is still ranked among the top music blogs right now.

10. Pitchfork

This journal, which is owned by Condé Nast, offers a blog that is regarded as a reliable source for music reviews in addition to stories on contemporary artists and events. Pitchfork is one of the most well-known music publications in the whole globe.

11. The Consequence of Sound

They also include news editorials and reviews of music, cinema, and TV. The consequence of Sound is one of the top music blogs to read if you want to learn about the most recent music news and rumors for festivals all around the globe. Surprisingly, they even have a news category that’s devoted to reporting on news related to musical instruments.

12. All Music

Not only is All Music one of the top music blogs, but it is also an excellent resource for music knowledge and suggestions, but their site also has conversations with some of the most accomplished artists in the history of the world.

13. Stereofox

Sharing music that is fresh, unique, and intriguing is one of Stereofox’s primary missions. As one of the top music blogs, Stereofox is updated daily with fresh information, which may take the form of interviews, album reviews, or editorial articles on the most recent new performers.

14. Neon Music

Neon Music is an online music journal that also includes a section on lifestyle; the publication’s evaluations focus on exceptional musicians that are just starting.

In addition to this, they publish articles on music news and reviews, and they also sometimes publish videos and interviews.

15. Hype Machine

The Hype Machine is not strictly speaking a blog but rather an aggregator of other blogs. If learning about new music is your primary objective, you can rest certain that you won’t run out of options to explore on this website since an endless supply of new music is being uploaded regularly. Hype Machine is also one of the top music blogs worth considering.

16. Spin

Spin is an online magazine that provides news and stories about a wide variety of performers, ranging from the most obscure up-and-coming groups that you have never heard of to the most successful bands in the history of rock and roll. You may go through their lists area to find lists of the finest songs, albums, concerts, and other events to attend.

17. Pigeons & Planes

Pigeons & Planes one of the music blogs, is the destination you should go to hear new music of all different kinds. They update their site every day with new features, articles, and videos, so you’ll never run out of anything to read or watch.

18. EDM Sauce

The electronic music scene is covered by EDM Sauce, which has reviews of both well-known performers and some of the more obscure ones as well as a general discussion of the genre.

In addition to that, there are a few editorial articles that are worth reading, and the website is open to paid music submissions and reviews.

19. NME

NME is one of the very first, the largest, and also one of the top music blogs today. Even while they may have gone out a little bit later into reviewing movies, television shows, and video games, the heart of NME is still offering news, opinion articles, reviews, and interviews to keep you up to date on the newest developments in independent music.

20. Stereogum

The website Stereogum bills itself as one of the finest independent top music blogs in the world. Nevertheless, the blog has a few qualifications in its field. This was the first big magazine to write on Billie Eilish, Arcade Fire, and Vampire Weekend.

You may discover more up-and-coming indie rock superstars by looking through the Bands to Watch area of our website.

21. Indie Shuffle

Indie Shuffle is not like the majority of other top music blogs that focus on independent music since it does not publish essays, interviews, or other similar content. The blog functions more as a song discovery service for performers who are not signed to a label.

There is a never-ending supply of newly released works that have been hand-picked by the staff here at Indie Shuffle, and each one comes with a succinct review. You can bookmark any of the songs that you like and follow independent musicians if you are interested in hearing new music from them.

22. Under the Radar

One of the top music blogs, Under the Radar has a wide variety of articles and interviews covering a wide range of themes, from movies to comic comics.

However, the emphasis in their music sections is on the finest new independent music, ranging from well-known acts to up-and-coming performers.

23. Digital Tour Bus

Interviews that are a little bit different may be found on Digital Tour Bus, one of the top music blogs today. You may discover categories like “bus invasions,” in which you are brought around an artist’s bus while they are on tour, and “tour pranks,” in which you get to hear the pranks that bands get up to while they are on the road. Both of these categories can be found on this page.

24. GoldFlakePaint

This is the blog of the music magazine GoldFlakePaint, which avoids featuring major musicians and bands to a great extent. You may expect to discover in-depth interviews with musicians, as well as daily postings of new music, on this website.

25. Mixmag

A dominant force in the realm of electronic dance music and reports from nightclubs. The blog at Mixmag covers a wide range of topics, including live DJ performances, new music reviews, and industry news, to name just a few. It is no surprise that it is ranked among the top music blogs.

26. Resident Advisor

An online publication devoted to the appreciation of electronic music is known as Resident Advisor, one of the top music blogs. You have arrived at the right place to look for the next dancing event or performer that will become your favorite. Every day, the website is updated with fresh content consisting of news, reviews, and features.

27. UFO Network

UFO Network is a music entertainment firm as well as a news and media platform that focuses on reporting the most recent and trending electronic dance music (EDM) news, interviews, and industry developments.

UFO Network, which has been named a “Top 50 EDM Blog” for the last three years in a row, is without a doubt one of the top music blogs available for anything related to electronic dance music.

28. Dancing Astronaut

The majority of Dancing Astronaut’s performances are comprised of dance music. This blog keeps you up to speed with the most recent news and reviews of dance music, as well as information on concerts and festivals that are taking place.

Since 2014, this website has been considered for a nomination for the International Dance Music Awards in the category of Best Music Media Resource every single year.

29. Your EDM

Your EDM is a site devoted to electronic dance music that also features articles, giveaways, and interviews. You could have suspected as much.

As one of the top music blogs, the website also features a Discord community where users can talk to one another about electronic dance music (EDM), receive comments on their compositions, and even perform a little bit of self-promotion in the appropriate channel.


It should come as no surprise that is another website that covers everything that has to do with electronic dance music, including current charts, news, features, interviews, and more. As one of the top music blogs, also compiles playlists according to the tenor of the listener’s current emotional state.

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