Spotify Mixes Now Offers Three New Personalised Playlists


Spotify Mixes are personalised playlists that were first announced at the ‘Stream On’ event last month. Starting today, March 31, Spotify Mixes are now getting three new ‘Mix’ categories — Artist Mix, Genre Mix, and Decade Mix. The move comes following the popularity of Spotify’s Daily Mix playlists that personalises songs into six different playlists, depending on artists and genres. Spotify has been immensely successful since its launch in 2008 globally and was introduced in 2019 to the Indian market.

Spotify announced in a press release that it making the listening experience on its platform more personalised for its users by introducing the new categories of playlists. The new Artist Mix, Genre Mix, and Decade Mix categories can be found under Made For You hub under the Search tab. Spotify claims that the songs in these playlists will start with songs the listeners like and the streaming service will add songs that they feel their listeners will like. The new playlists will be available to both free and premium users.

Upon testing the new playlists myself, I found that the artist mix featured most of the musicians I listened to on a regular basis along with some that I had never heard of before. The genre mix playlists also had some never-before-heard songs from artists I listened to regularly. Lastly, I felt that the decade mix category was a bit of a miss as it had songs from one decade but also from across all genres. A better move instead would have been to have songs from any particular decade, filtered according to their genres.

In other Spotify-related news, the company recently announced that its home screen will now show the users’ listening history of music and podcasts from the past three months. Alongside, it will be easier to discover music on its apps as it will show cards from artists that the users follow. However, the podcasts and discover feature will only be available to premium users of the service.

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