Semplice vs. Webflow

As a website designer or developer, you might have encountered the Semplice vs. Webflow comparison when looking for a website builder. Semplice and Webflow are two of the most popular website builders for designers who want to build a code-free website or portfolio. 

Both platforms offer unique features and packages depending on your preference and goal. But it is essential to understand the differences between Semplice and Webflow before deciding which one to work with. 

Whether you’re a freelance designer or part of a creative agency, understanding the pros and cons of Semplice vs Webflow is essential for building a good website and effective online presence. 

So, how do they compare in terms of similarities, pricing, features, user experience, capability, and other areas? Read through this article to learn more about Semplice and Webflow to help you choose the best platform that suits your goals.

Overview of Semplice

Semplice is a WordPress-based website builder designed specifically for graphic designers, photographers, and artists. It has an easy-to-use interface for making portfolios and personal websites that look great. 

With Semplice, designers can showcase their work in an attractive and organized manner without needing coding knowledge. This is what a website built with Semplice looks like.

Semplice offers a range of website-building features and capabilities, including custom templates, drag-and-drop design tools, responsive design, and integration with popular project management tools. It also allows for custom fonts, images, and animations to personalize the website further. Additionally, it offers SEO optimization and analytics to track the website’s performance.

Websites made with Semplice are known for having simple, clean layouts and high-quality images. Many designers use Semplice to showcase their portfolios and promote their work to potential clients. Examples of websites built using Semplice include:

●     Zerocircle

●     Lebassis

●     Adriana Vala

●     Kasper Laigaard Studio

Overall, Semplice gives people a simple and effective way to build a website that meets a high level of taste and standard.

Overview of Webflow

Webflow is a cloud-based website builder and CMS (Content Management System) that offers design flexibility that has never been seen before, giving designers more creative freedom without worrying about the code. 

It has many features and options for building websites, such as a drag-and-drop visual editor, pre-made templates, responsive design, and custom CSS and JavaScript support.

With Webflow, designers and developers can easily illustrate their interaction ideas to create unique and complex designs. Take a look at this website that was built using Webflow.

Semplice vs. Webflow

Webflow provides tools for building custom animations and interactions and integrating them with other tools, such as e-commerce platforms, analytics, and marketing tools. 

It also offers a robust CMS that allows users to easily manage content, add blog posts, and update their websites.

Also, Webflow has an integrated visual editor that provides excellent flexibility and customization options, making it a popular choice for agencies and businesses looking for a powerful website builder. 

It’s also suitable for freelance designers and developers who need a platform for making complex changes. Some popular websites that were built using Webflow are:

●     Periscope Data

●     SeamlessGov

●     Procurify

●     BankMobile

Overall, Webflow offers a complete solution for building and managing custom websites with a wide range of features and capabilities.

Comparison of Semplice and Webflow

Semplice and Webflow are popular website builders with unique features and capabilities. But, while they have similarities, they offer varying needs to different types of users and have their strengths and weaknesses.

This means that the choice between Semplice and Webflow largely depends on the user’s needs and goals. 

For example, a small business owner who needs a basic website for showcasing their products or services would benefit more from using a website builder like Semplice because of its simple and easy-to-use interface. 

On the other hand, a designer or developer who needs a more customizable and powerful platform for building larger websites would benefit more from using a Content Management System-based website builder like Webflow. 

Ultimately, the choice between Semplice and Webflow will depend on the individual’s specific needs and goals. So, to better understand your needs, let’s see how these two website builders compare.


Semplice’s pricing is based on subscriptions; monthly plans start at $18. This makes it an excellent option for creative professionals who want to make a budget-friendly portfolio or personal website. 

Webflow, on the other hand, has a more detailed pricing plan, with plans starting at $16 per month for personal use and $35 per month for business use. Webflow costs more than Semplice because it has more advanced features that cost more to use.


Using these great website builders has some positives, so read on.


●     Easy to use: Semplice has a simple and amazing interface that is easy for designers to use, even if they have no coding experience.

●     Great Visual focus: Semplice is designed specifically for creative professionals and strongly emphasizes visual design.

●     Beautiful templates: It offers a range of high-quality templates that are visually stunning and well-suited for portfolios and personal websites.


●     Customizable: Webflow has a lot of ways to change things, making it easy for designers and developers to create websites that fit their needs.

●     Robust CMS: It has a complete CMS that lets users control the content of their website and add blog posts.

●     Advanced features: Webflow has advanced features like custom animations and interactions that make it suitable for designing websites with many different parts.


Since they cater to different types of users, they also have their weaknesses depending on your goals.


●     Limited customization: While Semplice offers a range of templates and design tools, it may not be suitable for those who need more advanced customization options.

●     No blog or CMS: Semplice does not offer a blog or CMS, making it less suitable for those who need these features.


●     Requires more technical skills: While Webflow is highly customizable, it is more technical than other website builders and may be more challenging for those with limited technical skills.

●     More expensive: Webflow is more costly than other website builders, making it less suitable for those on a budget.

Similarities Between Semplice and Webflow

While Semplice and Webflow are different in many ways, they also share some key similarities that make them both great options for website building. Some of those similarities are:

● Both platforms are visually focused, allowing users to create beautiful and professional-looking websites. 

● They both offer drag-and-drop interfaces that are easy to use, making it possible for even non-technical users to create websites without needing to write any code.

● Both Semplice and Webflow also offer a range of templates and design tools that users can customize to fit their specific needs. 

● They also offer hosting and domain registration, so users can easily publish their websites.

● Both platforms put a lot of emphasis on creating websites that are great visually and give users a great experience.

● They also offer integrations with popular project management tools, making it easy for users to manage their website projects and collaborate with their teams.


Semplice and Webflow offer amazing and valuable features for designers and developers. While Semplice is ideal for visually captivating portfolios, Webflow provides more tools for building custom websites. 

Also, Semplice is an excellent choice for creative professionals who want to create a portfolio or personal website. At the same time, Webflow is a more comprehensive platform that caters to both designers and developers. 

So, if you are a small business owner with services or products to showcase online, Simplice is the go-to website builder. 

But, if you are a designer or developer looking to build a more complex and technical website that requires more customization, Webflow is the website builder for you. 

Ultimately, both platforms offer excellent solutions for building your website or showcasing your work online, whether you prioritize simplicity and ease of use or more advanced customization options. Just know your needs and go for the platform that meets your goals.

Additional Resources

There are resources for people who want to learn about Semplice and Webflow. If you want to learn more about Semplice, there are several tutorials online that cover both the basics and more advanced ways to use the platform. Some popular tutorials include:

● Semplice Academy:

● YouTube tutorials by Semplice:

For those interested in Webflow, there are also several tutorials and resources available online:

● Webflow University:

● YouTube tutorials by Webflow:

● Webflow forums:

You can also find user reviews on sites like SaashubSourceForge, and Reddit. These reviews can give you helpful information about how other people have used the platform and help you decide which best fits your goal.

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