Register a Business Name in New Jersey

Register a Business Name in New Jersey

Are you a resident of New Jersey who wants to start a business? Or Are you just relocating to New Jersey intending to start a business? Venturing into business, especially in a beautiful and bustling city like New Jersey is a smart move anybody would make.

As you consider setting up a business in New Jersey there are certain things you need to take cognizance of, registering your business name being one of the most important of them all.

Register a Business Name in New Jersey

Imagine kickstarting your business without having to register your business for it to be widely recognized and accepted by the government and residents of New Jersey, this can be disastrous. Hence the need to have a business name registered if you are a resident or just moving into this great city.

In this article, we will walk you through the various steps in registering a business name in New Jersey. These steps are super easy! Let us begin.

How to Register a Business Name in New Jersey

In this segment, I will show you the steps on how to register it and your business name in New Jersey:

1. Select your Business Structure

The process of registering your firm with the state may vary depending on the sort of business structure you pick. In terms of business structure, you can resort to a general partnership, an LLC, a sole proprietorship, or a corporation.

Personal liability protection, tax obligations, and administrative burdens associated with maintaining the company’s legal compliance are all considerations when deciding on a business structure.

Verify Whether a Name is Already In Use

Make sure that no other companies or individuals in your state have already registered the name you’ve chosen for your firm, and that no one else has claimed the name online as a domain name. You can verify if the business name you intend to use has already been used by another, through a New Jersey name search or Domain name inquiry.

New Jersey Business Name Search

The next step is to use New Jersey’s online business entity name lookup. If you attempt to apply for a name that has already been taken, your application will be rejected.

Your company’s search demands may change as your circumstances change. To provide one example, you need a special, readily-available name to:

  • Register a corporation or limited liability company.
  • Register a Doing Business As a name for any legal entity.

In New Jersey, informal company arrangements like sole proprietorships and general partnerships do not need to undergo a name search at the state level. However, if you want to register a DBA or other alternative name, you’ll have to check the database to make sure it isn’t already in use.

Domain Name Inquiry

If you’re going to be using your company name as a domain name, you should do that as well (URL). It’s a good idea to acquire the domain name even if you don’t have immediate plans to set up a website for your company if only to prevent competitors from doing so. For a company name to be searchable in a business search, it must first be available as a web domain.

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2. Register Your New Jersey-based Enterprise with the State of New Jersey

After deciding on a business structure and name, the next step is to register your company in New Jersey by filing the necessary paperwork with the state.

Your New Jersey limited liability company won’t be officially recognized until the Articles of Organization are filed with the state’s Department of Taxation. Application forms are available both online and in hard copy form.

The Articles of Incorporation must be filed with the New Jersey Division of Revenue to establish a New Jersey company.

By way of recommendation, you can also secure your business name with a trade. The next paragraph explains how you can achieve this.

Once you’ve established the availability of your company name and registered it, you may go on to trademark registration. This will cost you between $220 and $400 initially, plus any legal expenses, and another price every ten years.

The investment may seem large to a young firm, but federal legislation will now safeguard your brand throughout the country. So, if someone else uses your company name or one that sounds close to it, you’ll have a case precedent on your side. Unless the small firm has national expansion plans, this isn’t something that has to be done.

Business Name Amendment in New Jersey

In New Jersey, a company may either file for a new name or submit an amendment to its current legal name to change its name.

You may use a different name for your company without changing its legal name by first registering it as a “doing business as” (DBA) name.

Only by filing for a DBA may a solo owner or general partner do business under a different name. This is the most straightforward route for limited liability companies and corporations to use since it enables them to employ brand names without the needed LLC or Inc. suffix in a legal name without having to file an update or otherwise complicate their operations.

Filing an adjustment to the legal name of an existing firm is the best choice if you wish to modify the legal name of your LLC or corporation. You can successfully achieve this process through the following two ways:

Either may be filed with the New Jersey Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services through mail or electronically, with the latter accepting either the $100 statutory charge for limited liability companies or the $75 statutory cost for corporations.

Does Operating a Company in New Jersey Need a License?

In New Jersey, it is not possible to get a blanket license that would apply anywhere. If you own a company in a category where special permission is required, you may learn more about the requirements and where to apply on the New Jersey Business Portal’s licenses and permits page.

A Business in New Jersey must be Registered, but How Much Does it Cost?

The New Jersey Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services charges $125 to register an LLC or company for profit.

What do I need to do to Qualify for a Tax ID in the Garden State of New Jersey?

To apply for a tax ID in Garden State, businesses need to fill out a Business Registration Application and send it to the New Jersey Department of Taxation and Business Registration.

A certificate of registration from the New Jersey Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services confirms that your company has been officially recognized by the state.


If you are looking to start up a business in New Jersey, you must register your business name. As we’ve seen in the course of this article, registering your business name in New Jersey serves as protection and prevents someone else or another company from using your business name. So if you are yet to register a business name in New Jersey, now will be a good time to do so, having learned the importance of registering a business name in New Jersey.

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