Music is slowly taking over other genres of entertainment, and we have at least more than 60 percent of adults who listen to music every day. Effective steps on how to set up a music blog in 2023

New artists and different genres of music and songs are springing up each day, making the music industry a huge and thriving one.

One way to harness or tap into the massive growth of the music industry is to go into something related to music; it must not be singing or producing music. You can go into music blogging, but many people are yet to discover this lucrative business.


However, most people ask how they will start; starting any blog can be overwhelming, especially if you are a newbie. We are here to take you through the steps.

Steps On How To Set Up A Music Blog

Setting up a music blog requires you to learn tricks to get more audience, monetize your blog and earn money. Here are some steps that will help you achieve that.

Determine the Purpose of your Music Blog

Before starting a music blog, ask yourself why you are doing so; this will help you decide on your blog’s direction. Other than helping you focus, it will also help you determine the target audience for the blog.

There are many purposes or reasons you might want to start a music blog, and these reasons may include reviewing songs, writing about new artists, reviewing music brands and their artists, discussing concerts, playing instruments or singing, listing and discussing top chart songs, criticizing famous artists and their songs.

To give out good content, select any purpose that interests you, as this will make you enjoy blogging while you make money by the side. Interest will also help keep you motivated when you feel like quitting.

It is advised to do only some, as getting the target audience will be overwhelming and challenging. People like getting specific content easily instead of surfing through many contents.

Focusing on one purpose will help create a list of the audience visiting your blog when they need a particular content.

Choose a Niche

Music is expansive, so you must select a niche you will only focus on. Your music genre niche can be rock, afrobeat, classical, country, pop, RnB, jazz, blues, reggae, opera, folk, and others.

After this, select the location your music should cover; will your content be just for a city, country, or global music?

Before choosing a niche, you should know what your content should be about and how unique that will be to stand out from other blogs. Any niche your choose should be one you are very familiar with and know much about.

You should be known for a particular niche than know little about all genres. The niche you choose should make your audience engaged and entertained always.

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Choose the Best Platform for your Blog

Choosing your blog platform is very important as there are many options available for you. You can select free platforms like Tumblr, Squarespace, Blogger, or paid ones.

It is advised to choose paid ones, as free platforms are not recommended for any blogger who wants a profitable blog.

You should know that free platforms reduce your chances of monetizing your blog or even customizing it; you also cannot have a domain name; hence people may not take you seriously.

There are many paid platforms like WordPress that can allow you to monetize your blog and get more traffic which the traffic can turn into sales. Paid platforms will enable you to have audio content and add embedded files and videos.

Buy a Domain Name

A domain name is a unique name through which people will easily find your blog. A domain name is what people will type into their search engine when they want to check out your blog. Selecting a domain name is vital as it is the key to your blog.

Buy a domain name matching your blog’s content, and avoid using a name similar to another music blog. Be creative with the name but do not be overly creative so that people can easily relate to it; make the name simple and short.

One important thing to note is that having a domain name with a .com extension is better. People easily remember domain names with the .com extension compared to other extensions like .org and .net.

Buy your Hosting

Hosting is crucial as it allows you to store all your files on the internet, including videos, images, and audio. In addition to keeping your website files, hosting service will ensure your blog is available on the internet.

Many providers sell web hosting; you have to go for the best. Hosting service providers like Bluehost or/ DiscordHosting have affordable service that is reliable and amazing. Choose a provider with excellent customer service if you need help as a beginner.

Select a Theme for Your Blog

A theme is a template for how your blog will look when visitors access it. Many themes are available, so you have to customize them to reflect what your blog stands for.

Choosing and customizing a theme is one reason you should go for paid platforms, as they will allow you to customize the theme the way you want.

Customize the fonts, color, font size, and images; remember to choose a unique theme that you can easily customize. Remember that any theme you choose must have an easy user experience; you would not want your visitors to find navigating your blog or reading content challenging. User experience is an essential factor to consider when choosing a theme and customizing it.

Install Apps and Pages

After selecting a theme and customizing it to look unique, you should add apps to your blog. Adding apps will help improve the blog’s functionality and increase user experience.

You can add apps like social media platforms, which will help visitors share content from your blog to their social media platforms.

Apps like YouTube can help you embed videos, while contact apps can help your visitors to get in contact with you in cases where they need to.

You can create an “About” page that your audience can visit when they need more information about you. You have to give them a little info on yourself and why you set out to have a music blog.

You must also add a privacy policy to avoid breaches and protect your content. It is also a form of protection against legal liability.

Start Blogging

Create content for your blog; you can start by having a homepage that welcomes and introduces visitors to your blog.

Plan well before publishing any content, and ensure your content has keywords that will attract readers to your blog.

You can use search engine optimization (SEO) tools to generate topics. You can conduct research or surveys to know the content that will interest your audiences.

Planning content for your blog will help you develop rich content that keeps your readers engaged and glued to your blog page.

Promote your Blog

Blogs need promotion so that many people will be aware of them. There are many music blogs, but you may be out of the competition if your blog does not have rich content.

There are many ways to promote your blog, like linking your social media platforms and sharing content from your blog to these platforms, marketing your blog using email, and generating keywords so that Google will optimize your blog.

Bottom Line

Starting a music blog is more complex than it may look; many steps are involved if you want your page to become monetized while any audience visits your blog.

Before starting a music blog, you should have passion and interest in music. Following the steps we have highlighted above will make it very easy to set up your own music blog.

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