Does Lowe's accept Samsung Pay?

Does Lowe’s accept Samsung Pay?

You cannot list popular retailers of home improvement products without mentioning Lowe’s; this company has grown from supplying building materials and tools for kitchens, lawns, and gardens to offering services like home fashion, electrical fixtures, plumbing, painting, flooring, outdoor living decorations, power equipment, interior and exterior designing. 

Lowe’s grew from being just a small retail hardware store in North Carolina to occupying the position of the world’s second-largest home improvement retailer with over 1,800 retail stores. The store became popular due to its functional website, chains of retail stores, and fantastic customer relationships. Does Lowe’s accept Samsung Pay? Yes, Lowe’s accepts Samsung Pay. Read How To Use Samsung Pay at Lowe’s

Does Lowe's accept Samsung Pay?
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Importance Of Having Multiple Payment Options For Customers

Besides cash as a payment option for customers at Lowe’s, the company prides itself in having multiple payment options. Some of the payment options at Lowe’s include Zero card, PayPal, credit cards, gift cards, and others. Let us look at why Lowe’s has multiple payment options for customers.

● Wider audience and customers

It is only possible for some customers to have the same payment options; some prefer to use digital wallets like Cash App, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, while others like to use their debit cards. Digital wallet is standard among young customers, and the older demographic may still need time to grasp the digital revolution. Many payment options will make it easier to cater to customers’ choices and preferences.

● Customers Convenience

Customers want to avoid stress, and they will quickly leave a website with poorly designed payment options for one with a more straightforward process. It is much easier for customers and shoppers to leave their carts and shop elsewhere if a business has a sluggish or difficult payment option. Customers expect companies to meet their needs, including their payment options. With multiple payment options, your company will look like it has the customers’ interests at heart. 

● Brand profile and trust

One of the importance of having multiple payment options is the trust and profile your brand will have in the eyes and minds of your customers; they will see your brand as a trustworthy and competent business that values its customers. Building brands requires trust and transparency, one way to get these growth tools is by having multiple payment options.

Since Lowe’s has multiple payment options, do they accept Samsung Pay? 

Lowe’s Payment Options

Lowe’s is the second largest home improvement retail store with thousands of customers, so there is a need for multiple payment options to make transactions easier and faster. Lowe’s has many payment options; some require customers to visit the physical store, while others can be used on the website. Also, some payment options are only accepted in America. 

We will classify the payment options at Lowe’s into traditional and modern. 

Traditional Payment Options

Traditional payments mainly involve cash; they can also include cheques, drafts, and credit letters. Traditional payment options at Lowe’s include:

  • Cash: This payment option is only accepted at the company’s physical retail stores, meaning customers must walk into any of the many stores, make purchases and pay with cash. Online and website transactions do not have provisions for paying cash or delivering money.
  • Debit Card: The debit card is one of the typical traditional payment options at Lowe’s for customers, and this method is acceptable for both physical and online shopping. Customers can use this payment option provided the debit card is issued and approved by any major card issuers.
  • Credit Card: Credit cards are accepted at Lowe’s and can be used for physical stores and online shopping like debit cards. All credit cards must be from any major card issuers.
  • Cheques: Both private and business cheques are payment options at Lowe’s. To make a Payment using a cheque, customers must provide their government-issued valid ID with their photograph, which will help to confirm the cheques and the customer’s authenticity. The name on the valid ID must tally with the name from which the cheque is issued. 

New and modern payment options at Lowe’s

Lowe’s has gone digital with its payment options, and customers do not have to depend on traditional payment options as some digital wallets and platforms can make Payment more manageable. Some of these new payment options at Lowe’s include:

  • PayPal: PayPal is the most commonly used new payment option, and Lowe’s allows their customers with wallets in PayPal to pay for their goods using the digital platform. However, customers can only use PayPal for online shopping.
  • Gift Cards: Lowe’s has ecards that customers can use to pay for purchases. These gift cards can either be plastic and mailed to recipients for transactions or online cards that people can print. You can buy both ecards at any Lowe’s physical or online stores. Customers can use these cards for Payment or redeem coupons at the physical store or website.
  • Zero Card: Lowe’s allows their customers to make Payment using their Zero Card and give them 5% savings. Customers do not have to pay interest when using Lowe’s Zero Card, and there are many shopping special offers available for the Card. Customers can use the Zero Card for both in-store and online shopping.
  • Advantage Cards: One of the modern payment options at Lowe’s is their Advantage Cards; they are similar to credit cards and work like them. There is top-up credit, and customers can use the credits up to authorized limits. With Lowe’s Advantage Cards, customers can enjoy lower prices of goods and interest rates. You can use this Card for online and in-store purchases.
  • Contactless Payment: Contactless Payment is one of the new payment options at Lowe’s. Customers do not need any card or paper; they only have to move their security token close to a PoS reader for a financial transaction. The security token can be a chip-enabled bank card or a digital app for smartphones. These contactless payments include Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Does Lowe’s Accept Samsung Pay?

Out of the many contactless payments available, Lowe’s only accepts Samsung Pay. The reason is that Samsung Pay is the only method with features of near-field communication (NFC) and Magnetic secure transmission (MST). Lowe’s can only accept Payments from customers using Samsung Pay if they activate the MST features; Lowe’s does not use the NFC capabilities of Samsung Pay.

Official Statement From Lowe’s Regarding Samsung Pay

As of 2018, the company, on its official Twitter handle, stated that they do not have any plans soon to accept payments using NFC like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others. However, Samsung Pay is accepted because Payment can be made using the magnetic strip reader on the capture device. So, customers can only use Lowe’s Samsung Pay as the contactless payment method.

Advantages Of Using Samsung Pay At Lowe’s

There are so many benefits of using Samsung Pay at Lowe’s, and they include the following:

  • Simple and easy to use: The processes are simple, from installation to registration to the use of the app for Payment. Customers can have a better understanding of technology, and they only have to use their phones. To make a payment using Samsung Pay, you only need to open the app, hold your phone close to the payment terminal, and press “Pay.” 
  • Best security: With cards, there is a risk of someone hacking or storing your card details for illegal transactions. Samsung Pay does not have such a chance as no card; the app uses a unique digital identifier. Customers can only make Payment by authorizing using their fingerprint or PIN; no card details are to be shared or protected.
  • Customers Can Use It Anywhere: Customers can use Samsung Pay at Lowe’s for in-store and online purchases. The technology is made to be used with any card reading machine, so anywhere you can use your Card, you can also use Samsung Pay.
  • Discounts and rewards: There are rewards for customers who use this contactless payment method, which is one of the benefits of using Samsung Pay at Lowe’s. Customers can earn about 2% to 5% when they make payments using the app; the cashback can be redeemed anytime and operated for more purchases. Customers must select “Lowes” as the merchant under cashback to enjoy the discount. 

How To Use Samsung Pay at Lowe’s

If you are new to Samsung Pay, the following steps will guide you in using the contactless payment method for transactions on Lowe’s.

  1. Download the Samsung Pay app on your phone. You can only use the app on Samsung phones like Galaxy Note9, Galaxy Note8, Note 5, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy A8+, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy A7 2017, Galaxy A5 2017, A5 2016, A7 2016, Galaxy A9 Pro and Galaxy J7 Pro.
  2. Create a new account; there are steps and instructions for registration.
  3. Add payment methods, and the limited number is one. You can add your debit or credit card.
  4. Go back home on the app and press the “Pay” button.
  5. Choose any card and press “Pay.”
  6. Choose either your fingerprint or PIN for your security.
  7. Follow the security instructions and prompts.
  8. Scan the contactless QR code on your phone with a PoS to make a payment.

Does Lowe’s Accept Google Pay & Apple Pay?

Google Pay and Apple Pay are also commonly used contactless payment methods, just like Samsung Pay; however, Lowe’s only accepts Samsung Pay. You can only use Google Pay and Apple Pay for Payment by activating the NFC feature. Lowe’s does not have a system that can process transactions using NFC. Hence, these payment methods are not accepted.

Also, the company released an official statement on its Twitter page saying it has yet to make plans soon to add Google Pay and Apple Pay to its payment methods. Customers can use their other multiple payment options for transactions.


Lowe’s is one of the largest companies in home improvement products, with many stores scattered all over the world. The digital revolution has caused many companies to add more payment options for their customers for easy transactions. Lowe’s improved their payment options by adding Samsung Pay. The technology is used by placing a phone with the launched app close to a payment terminal. However, other contactless payment methods like Google Pay and Apple Pay are not used at Lowe’s; Samsung Pay at Lowe’s is possible.

Additional Resources

To get more information about Lowe’s, you can reach out to their official website – If you need to get resources for using Samsung Pay at Lowe’s, there are customer service representatives available to help you, and you can contact them at 1-800-445-6937 or

You can contact Samsung Pay for inquiries on their official website – Chat with the customer support assistant at 1-800-726-7864 or contact them at For further reading, you can check Lowe’s website for any information about the home improvement company.

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