Does Applebees Take Google Pay?

Applebee’s is one of the most popular restaurants, with many branches in the United States and America. Applebee’s has Grill and Bar sections that offer American dishes. It would help if you mentioned Applebee’s to list restaurants that sell quality American cuisines, and they have gained ground on this. 

Applebee’s became popular due to their multiple payment options, which makes it easier for customers to have a wonderful experience. Their quality cuisine and fantastic customer experience have positioned the brand in the United States and America. The more customers use their multiple payment options and feel comfortable, the more people they will recommend and the more their clientele grows. The question “does Applebees take Google Pay” is one that most people ask. This article will answer this question and more.

Importance Of Having Multiple Payment Options For Customers

Multiple payment options are a crucial factor every business owner must consider. Customers can cancel their order or leave the store if there is no payment method they like or use. The advantages and importance of having multiple payment options include the following:

● Increase Sales: Having multiple payment options is one way to increase sales rate and frequency as more customers can make purchases using any option available and preferable to them. Most payment options like contactless, PayPal, and others have coupons, discounts, rebates, and other incentives for customers, and these incentives are used to shop from stores and businesses. Customers will buy things for a certain amount to get more discounts, increasing your sales rate.

● Retain Old Customers: It is easier to keep old customers than to gain new ones; hence businesses should do everything possible to retain them. One way of maintaining old customers is by offering them multiple payment options; old customers may have a specific payment method, but sometimes, they can switch to a new one due to convenience or financial situations. Multiple payment options will always cater to your old customers’ needs.

● Attract New Customers: You can attract new customers by having multiple payment options for them. While young people are keen on using digital payment methods, older customers will prefer traditional payment options. Using payment options will depict your company as one that embraces technology and the digital revolution and win more customers for you. Multiple payment options will get you local customers, and international ones, as most e-wallets and digital payment methods work in many international countries.

● Increase Cash Flow: More sales mean more cash flow. Depending on one payment method will only limit the amount of money in your account. Accepting payment methods like debit and credit cards, cheques, contactless, PayPal, cryptocurrency, and others will keep your cash flow steady. 

● Convenience: The chances of customers leaving or abandoning a cart due to payment limitations are high. Many shoppers will only stop their purchases if the payment and checkout processes are fast or just one method. Brands and businesses are expected to provide more payment options for customers, making your brand look digital. Increasing your payment options will make it look like you have your customers’ interests at heart and value them.

Applebees Payment Options

A popular restaurant like Applebee’s, with more than 1,500 franchises in different locations, is expected to have many payment options. There are many payment options at Applebee’s, including cash, cheques, PayPal, and others, and these methods make transactions easier for customers and give them a wonderful experience.

The payment options at Applebee’s will be classified into traditional and new for straightforward explanations.

Traditional Payment Options At Applebee’s

Traditional payment options are done using mostly cash. Older customers and millennials mainly use this payment method; however, young people can also adopt them. These traditional payment options include:

● Cheques: Applebee accepts cheques depending on the independent owner, which means Applebee’s company has no policy concerning accepting or rejecting cheques. While some locations accept cheques as a payment option, others in Arizona, Florida, and New York do not. You can only use a cheque to make payments at Applebee’s for in-store purchases. Customers must provide a valid government-issued ID and a good photograph for authentication. 

● Cash: Cash is the most common payment option at Applebee’s. Customers can walk into any Applebee’s physical store, make purchases, and pay using cash. Online and website purchases do not have any means of delivering cash, so you cannot use it as a payment option.

● Debit Card: One of the traditional payment options at Applebee’s is a debit card, and customers can use this method for both physical and online shopping. Applebee’s accepts debit cards that are valid and issued by any major card issuers.

● Credit Card: Customers can use credit cards like debit cards to make payments for purchases at Applebee’s. You can use this payment option for both physical and online purchases at Applebee’s. However, the card must be valid and issued by any major issuer.

New or Modern Payment Options At Applebees

Applebee’s has joined the digital revolution, so payment options include e-wallets, contactless, and others. These new payment options at Applebee’s include:

● Gift Cards: There is an option for customers to pay for purchases using gift cards on their restaurants, mobile app, or website. Applebee’s gift cards are easy to get, and you can customize them to your choice. Customers can use physical cards and e-cards at restaurants in any location. These cards can never expire, nor do their value decrease.

● Contactless Payment: Contactless Payment is becoming the new trend for Applebee’s customers to make Payments. There is no need for customers to use their card with contactless as the method requires them to move the token generated by the app closer to a PoS reader. Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay are examples of contactless payments.

Does Applebees Take Google Pay?

Applebee’s Google Pay is possible as it is one of the easier and faster payment methods. However, this payment method is only acceptable for in-store transactions; websites and online shopping or purchases cannot accept Applebee’s. 

Applebee’s is an international restaurant with many franchises in locations outside the United States. Some countries where Applebee’s stores are located do not accept contactless payment options, so customers in these locations cannot use Applebee’s Google Pay.

Applebee’s in countries like Mexico, Brazil, the United States, Canada, Spain, and Costa Rica accept Google Pay as a payment option. You cannot use Google Pay in countries like the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, Panama, and Guatemala. 

On their official website, Applebee’s announced their customers could make payments using contactless payment methods like Google Pay and Apple Pay. However, customers can only use all contactless payment methods in restaurants, not in their iOS and Android apps. 

How To Set Up Google Pay

Setting up Google Pay requires an Android device that accepts NFC features. Download the app and follow the instructions below:

Open the app, and at the bottom of your phone, press “Payment.”

Click on “+ Payment method and choose any type convenient and easy for you. 

Take a picture of your debit or credit card, or enter the details manually. The app will store these details and link your bank account to your device.

You can add other cards, like gift cards and loyalty cards, to your Google Pay. Follow the steps below.

Open the Google Pay app on your phone.

 At the bottom of the app, press “Passes.”

Still at the bottom of the app, press “+ Pass.”

If you are adding a gift card, press “Gift Card,” but if you have loyalty cards, press “Loyalty Programs.”

Scroll down to the merchant or program name. In this case, you will select Applebee’s. 

Follow the prompt on your device screen to activate the cards. 

How To Use Google Pay At Applebee’s

Using Google Pay at Applebee’s is effortless, and you must link your bank account or any card to your Google Pay using your Android device. After the cashier has generated the customer’s total bill, it will reflect on the PoS reader. 

The customer will open the Google Pay app and place the back of their phone on the Payment terminal screen till a blue tick appears on the phone. Sometimes, the customer must type in their PIN on their phone; they may also sign the receipt or signature on the Payment terminal screen, especially for larger transactions. 

Advantages Of Using Google Pay At Applebee’s

There are many benefits of using Google Pay at Applebee’s, as the app has proven convenient for customers and business owners. These benefits include:

  • Flexibility and convenience: The most crucial benefit of using Google Pay at Applebee’s is the easy, simple, and fast transactions customers experience. Customers do not have to type in all their card details anytime they wish to use the app for Payment; they have to open it and select the payment method. There is no need to insert your card into any device; with Google Pay, you only have to place your smartphone close to any PoS that accepts NFC features. This process makes checkout processes easy for cashiers at Applebee’s as well.
  • Compatibility: Google Pay can be used on all Android and iOS devices, making it accessible to millions of people. This is one benefit of using Google Pay at Applebee’s that passes other contactless payment methods like Samsung Pay or Apple Pay that are limited to specific devices. With this benefit, Applebees will get more customers, which means more sales.
  • Best security: Google Pay is so secure that there is no chance of anyone hacking into your bank account or using your account for illegal and unauthorized payments. Every transaction with Google Pay requires you to use the screen lock feature to authorize payments and complete the transaction. The screen lock prevents fraud and other security issues. 
  • Transaction details are displayed: Customers and business owners using Google Pay as a payment method can keep track of all their transactions. The display of transaction details can help customers as a means of checking their expenses. This benefit lets business owners see all transactions, including money and time. This will help businesses in their bookkeeping processes. 
  • Discounts and rewards: There are discounts and rewards for customers and business owners that use Google Pay for their transactions. Business owners get financial rewards if they have transactions on Google Pay up to a certain amount during a specific period. On the other hand, customers can enjoy cash back on a certain amount, and customers can use this cashback to make purchases. 


The question of using Google Pay at Applebee’s has been answered in this article. Applebees accepts Google Pay as a means of Payment only in restaurants; the website and apps do not accept this payment method. 

Google Pay is recommended as a means of payment, especially with the discounts, rewards, ease, and flexibility associated with the app. 

Additional Resources

Customers can get information about Applebee’s on the company’s official website – You can also order food or find available restaurants around your location. 

Google Pay has an official website where customers can get more information about the app, sign up for the app, or add any payment method. The official website is  

You can reach out to the customer support team at Applebee’s for inquiries and questions on their website – or call them at (913) 890-0100. 

For any questions regarding Google Pay or to contact a customer support representative, you can visit their official website – or call their number – (650) 253-0000

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