best CRM for coaching business free

best CRM for coaching business free

You, as a coach, understand the significance of a solid CRM (customer relationship management) system. This is why you need some of the best CRM for coaching business free, like Hubspot CRM, My Coach Office, Bitrix 24, etc. 

It is crucial to continue building fruitful connections with customers between coaching sessions since coaching is the essence of coaching. So what are some of the best CRM for coaching business free? Please read on as I have compiled a list of the ten best CRM for coaches. 

best CRM for coaching business free

To have the most significant and long-lasting impact on their clients’ lives, coaches need a tool that offers more extensive data on engagement than is typically found in customer relationship management systems (CRMs), which typically only include basic information such as contact details and basic interaction history.

What is a CRM for Coaching?

An acronym for “customer relationship management,” a CRM is a database where your business’s interactions with customers are recorded. 

You may maintain tabs on your customers’ ages, addresses, names, pain points, connection with you, when you last spoke with them, and how close they were to purchase from you, among other details.

Customer-relationship-management systems (CRMs) may take numerous shapes, each with its capabilities. Determine your requirements by thinking about the positive outcomes you anticipate and the tasks you want them to do.

Pros of Using a Customer Relationship Management System

A customer relationship management system (CRM) is an efficient tool for coaches since it enables them to monitor their customers’ development as they work toward predetermined objectives.

The CRM can monitor advancement over time using tools like automatic email alerts and SMS messaging. Maintaining a solid rapport with your coaching clients requires consistent communication between sessions. 

Because a CRM compiles a client’s data into a single location, it’s far easier to keep tabs on them than if it were spread across several digital and physical databases.

A CRM may also be used as a sales and marketing tool for monitoring leads during the sales cycle. You keep tabs on where in the sales funnel a prospect now resides, how ready they are to buy coaching from you, and how they have reacted to your prior communications.

Best CRM for Coaching Business Free 

Below are some of our top picks on the best CRM for coaching businesses for free. 

1. My Coach’s Office

While not as strong in any one area as some of the other CRM alternatives on our list, My Coach Office, also one of the best CRM for coaching business free, offers a solid foundation for your business with a good combination of marketing assistance, back-end functionality, and coaching efficiency. 

A solid all-arounder, however, coaches should give some thought to the features they’ll use most in their professional lives before leaping to this app.

Only the 14-day free trial is offered at no cost. If you need more than that, the monthly fee is just $19 for up to 10 customers, making this a very affordable alternative.

2. Bitrix 24

Bitrix24 is a customer relationship management service that caters to coaches and small enterprises. It’s better suited to bigger coaching organizations that need time tracking and project assignment features for their staff members. Storage for video calls may be done directly in the platform, which can greatly improve productivity.

It provides a no-cost version so that trainers may test it with little investment. The coaches of large teams that require a flexible, all-in-one solution should look elsewhere.

Paid options begin at $30 per month for up to five users.

3. Zoho CRM

One of the top basic CRMs, Zoho CRM, blends simplicity of use with robust features. Almost anybody can pick up using the interface right away. However, there may be a little learning curve during setup. 

The more you automate your operations in Zoho CRM, the less time you’ll spend in the application (which is the point of CRM with automation).

THANKS TO THE FLEXIBLE PRICING LEVELS, Zoho CRM can adapt as your company expands. The free plan is adequate for a one-person enterprise or a small company until the time comes to upgrade. There are no constraints on the number of leads, contacts, accounts, or sales you may track with the free plan. 

Even though it lacks many useful features, this lightweight CRM does the job. In addition, you’ll have the option to personalize the look and feel of the interface and automate some processes. 

Even though there is a potential problem with the 1GB restriction on file storage, we nevertheless ranked it as the best free CRM.

4. Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM is an excellent choice for a new CRM because of its user-friendly interface and a wide variety of practical functions, such as keeping tabs on emails, alerts, and corporate insights. The basic version is free for people on a tighter budget, but it will be branded with Hubspot.

Advantages Almost all of the features may be used without paying anything, making this a strong contender for startups and developing enterprises. Also, for $540 per year, you may store up to a thousand contacts, making it a terrific bargain.

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5. Honeybook

Honeybook is cloud-based software that automates client sales and administrative operations through a customer relationship management system. 

As one of the best CRM for free coaching businesses, the software also includes tools for coordinating meetings, sending invoices, organizing files, and communicating with customers.

The product works well for personal trainers. An extensive user base, straightforward procedures, prompt customer service, and a streamlined, intuitive interface contribute to its low barrier of entry.

Only $9 per month is required to maintain the basic plan.

6. CRM Runner

Are you a fan of convenience stores? All the top CRMs for coaches provide some amount of consolidation, but CRM Runner goes above and beyond by putting every conceivable resource in one place. It has everything you need to accomplish your goals.

With CRM Runner, you can streamline your business’s operations, from office administration to field service, and automate many common, repetitive tasks that plague coaching businesses. 

Besides providing useful invoice templates, it may help your company succeed by getting more positive consumer reviews on Google and other search engines.

CRM Runner simplifies everything by providing all features to all users without requiring them to upgrade to a paid subscription. 

Instead, you’ll have to pay $25 a month per user if you choose the yearly payment plan or $35 monthly if you want to subscribe to the monthly plan. You may test the product out for free for 14 days to see whether it suits your needs.

7. The Coaches Console

Creating a new coaching company from the beginning is a breeze with our all-in-one website builder and back-end automation platform that automates everything from invoicing and payments to client monitoring and email communication.

Perfect for inexperienced coaches who need a straightforward system to generate interest from potential customers and close deals. No more cost-free options exist after the first 30 days of use.

8. Satori

Satori is customer relationship management software developed with the needs of coaches. Client onboarding can be automated, meetings can be scheduled, money can be processed, surveys can be sent, packages can be created, contracts can be signed, and client accounts can be safely maintained, all within the same user-friendly interface.

Like any tool, this may save you time if you use it correctly, but its strengths lie in the automation tools and simple connections it offers. It also comes in a free version, which is ideal for trainers on a tighter budget.

9. Upcoach

Upcoach isn’t primarily a marketing or sales tool but rather an assistance for coaches looking to enhance their program’s participant experience. 

Upcoach enables coaches to host their course content, accountability monitoring, meeting scheduling, and CRM, a wonderful method to increase course completion rates and NPS rankings.

These qualities make it an excellent tool for fostering meaningful connections and maximizing the success of coaching initiatives.

10. ActiveCampaign CRM

In addition to their other online marketing and sales capabilities, ActiveCampaign now offers a customer relationship management system (CRM). 

Thanks to the customer relationship management system, you don’t have to sift through old emails and business cards, you can quickly discover the information you need.

For the first 14 days, you may use ActiveCampaign for free. That’s a steal, considering how many features you get, such as robust email marketing and automation capabilities.

Is CRM Hard to Learn?

To help you better manage your interactions with clients, CRM is intuitive and simple to master. In addition, you may monitor the results of your advertising and sales initiatives to fine-tune your approach. This makes it easier to study customer service management techniques.

Does a Small Business Need a CRM?

Monitoring the success or failure of various company strategies is crucial. Overall, a solid CRM will build an accurate sales funnel for you, allowing you to predict sales more accurately and better plan to serve more clients at the same high level in less time.


Locate the process list’s Customer field and choose “Customers.” Each new sales case you make may be associated with an existing client. You can make them simultaneously with a few mouse clicks if it’s for a brand-new client. In other words, your free customer relationship management system is now operational. 

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