Best Business Blogs

Best Business Blogs

Best Blogs for small business owners

What are some of the best business blogs in the world? There are hundreds of blogs available on the Internet to get every information at your fingertips. There are many bloggers, as many people who are Internet savvy are into the business.

One thing to note about these many blogs is that they are centered around entertainment, gossip, fashion, and the like; just a few focus on business. This soft focus on business is not surprising as many people love to read about celebrities, entertainment, and other gossip topics; however, this does not rule out that there are still people who love to read from small business finance blogs.

Business blogs only publish information concerning businesses ranging from small to large companies. They also carry information about government policies affecting businesses and the international business arena.

The problem most people have is getting the best business blogs available with great content, and this article will help solve this problem.

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The best blogs for small business owners include the following:

1. Mashable

Mashable is sometimes regarded as the best blog to get information about online businesses, and it always posts information about the Internet and how its activities can affect businesses.

The blog was started in 2005 by Pete Cashmore by posting information about the Internet, social media, business relationships, and general life.

It is now easier for business owners to get information on tech-related issues, the media, and general news. Other sections of the blog include entertainment, science, lifestyle, news, and trends.

One good thing about the Mashable blog is that it dedicates quality time to each area,  giving readers ample and detailed knowledge. You can check out Mashable on their social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

2. Forbes 

Forbes is one of the most popular business blogs that analyze entrepreneurs and provides news about successful business owners. One thing about Forbes is that their analysis is always accurate. Forbes will give you rich content on leadership, innovation, money and finance, small businesses, lifestyle, and successful brands.

Forbes is one business blog with many awards for its accurate case studies on businesses and successful and wealthy entrepreneurs. If you are looking for a blog that shares stories of many successful business people and has many real-life business tips you can learn from, Forbes is your best and sure bet. Like many business blogs, Forbes has social media on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

3. TechCrunch

From the name, you can deduce that this blog is solely for tech-related information. As one of the best business blogs, TechCrunch covers news, trends, and information on startup tech companies, capital funding, and other tech topics. The blog is accurate and most reliable for every information concerning tech.

The blog was founded by two writers – Michael Arrington and Keith Teare, in 2005. The blog boasts up to 50 writers whose niches are particularly on tech business and the SaaS industry.

TechCrunch has many sections, but the best area to get undiluted information and updates about the industry, big players in the tech arena, and any other news on tech is the “Startups and Technology News” section.

One fantastic feature TechCrunch has is the video and audio sections. These sections have only video and audio content for those who dislike reading lengthy write-ups. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

4. The HubSpot: Sales Blog

HubSpot is not just a platform for customer relationship management; it has a blog, although many people need to learn about this. This blog is, however, one place to get quality information about sales in business. The blog section is dedicated to posting content that will teach readers how to get the desired deals.

The content ranges from techniques and practices for achieving massive sales, tips to improve already known sales techniques and the latest trends in sales in the general business world. You can learn many things by visiting the HubSpot Sales blog.

One good thing about HubSpot is that it uses the platform to get blog content, carry out remote work and get search engine optimization (SEO) content.

5. Small Business Trends

The name of this blog reflects the content they publish, which is information about small businesses and their owners. Anita Campbell founded Small Business Trends in 2003, and this blog has published interviews, reviews, and news about small businesses resulting in about 20,000 pages of information.

Small Business Trends also publish commonly asked questions asked by small business owners, tips to help them improve, and trends in businesses. Small business owners can find content on strategies for digital marketing, advertising, branding, and other aspects of commerce.

Small Business Trends is an award-winning blog founded to meet the needs and answer the questions many small business owners have. It is no surprise then it is ranked among the best business blogs in the world.


Also known as Small Business Success Blog, SCORE is a blog where experts in small businesses share tips and guidelines, discuss common trends in business, and advise readers on common issues affecting small business owners regardless of age or gender.

As one of the best business blogs, SCORE focuses on helping small business owners succeed in the industry by interviewing successful business owners and experts in entrepreneurship.

This blog publishes content from starting a small business, public relations, marketing, branding, and other topics. One good feature of SCORE is that the blog has volunteers who give consulting services free to business owners trying to find their feet in the business world. These volunteers assist with matters like taxes and other legal issues affecting small businesses.

7. Science of People

While some of the best business blogs focus on business tips and success stories of business people, Science of People provides information that will turn business owners into confident and fantastic leaders. Business requires leadership, and good leadership skills are the niche covered by this blog.

The blog’s founder, Vanessa Van Edwards, was initially an awkward person who believes every business owner needs to build confidence to reach their goals without being interrupted or leaving out details.

Some of the topics or contents published by Science of People include interpersonal skills, leadership, body language and habits, psychology, career tips, entrepreneurship, behavior, and productivity. There is also an option to sign up to get free audio tips and training to achieve a likable personality. The founder of this blog, Vanessa Van Edwards, is available on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

8. The Smart Passive Income Blog

Getting business ideas can be daunting in a world where the Internet offers thousands of information. This blog is recommended for people looking for tips on starting their businesses and getting financial freedom. Pat Flynn started the blog as a plan B career, but the blog is thriving well.

The Smart Passive Income Blog does not only provide content that will help readers develop business ideas but resources and training to have a successful business. Each content is created to give ideas to start a business and the mentality needed for such a business.

9. Neil Patel

If you are looking for one of the best business blogs founded by a serial entrepreneur, top influencer, and an author with bestselling books, then Neil Patel’s blog is the best place for you. This blog is dedicated to marketers and owners of small businesses.

Neil Patel will take you through the process of marketing, and his blog makes the process easier and possible using simple write-ups. There are many contents on creating your business website, writing content for advertising, using many search engine optimization strategies, managing business projects, and how to carry out social media marketing. You can reach Neil Patel on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

10. Business Insider

Most people visit Business Insider to get news and updates on the business. The content includes tech, media, retail, marketing strategies, advertising, and other financial areas of business. Business Insider was founded in 2007 and had been catering to the information needs of over 250 million business owners.

With Business Insider, your brain has enough content to keep it engaged. Other than business, finance, and sales updates, some sections deal with politics and lifestyles. One good thing about Business Insider is that their articles are accurate and well-researched.


• VentureBeat

• MarketingProfs: Small Business section

• Mark Manson’s Blog

• Small Business Administration

• Copyblogger

• Ahrefs SEO Blog

• OptinMonster’s CRO Blog

• Teachable’s Blog

• Freelancer’s Union

• Fundera Ledger

• Marie Forleo Blog

• Harvard Business Review

• Entrepreneur

• Fast Company

• Tradecraft

Bottom Line

Getting a blog that gives you the content you need, especially if it concerns business, can be frustrating as many bloggers are into gossip, entertainment, celebrities, and lifestyles. However, the best business blogs have rich and reliable updates about business trends, news, strategies, and other industry issues. You can check out any of the above business blogs recommended.

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