Top 5 Android Alternative Operating Systems

Top 5 Android Alternative Operating Systems

Currently Android is one of the most used Operating Systems in the world, but the Android Operating Systems also had Alternative, And those six alternative operating systems are mentioned below.

Android OS is an OpenSource OS developed by Google or we will say owned by Google cause in actual android first developed by Android Inc (Andy Rubin And Rich Miner) then Google bought it in 2005 from Android Inc from then Android evolved much faster compared to the other platforms within the market. Let’s see alternative os of android. Also, here is a list of best bluestacks alternatives, confirm you read about them too.

Android Alternative Operating Systems

Top 5 Android Alternative Operating Systems

Here’s The Top 5 OS List of Android Alternative Operating Systems.

1.Tizen – Android Alternative Operating Systems

Tizen Operating Systems

Tizen Operating System is Released on April 30, 2012.

TizenOS is an Open-Source Mobile operating system that is developed by Linux Foundation, in these days Tizen Operating System mostly running on Samsung devices.

Tizen is an operating system that can run Android Applications Using OpenMobile ACL (application compatibility layer).

However “.apk” files aren’t directly supported in Tizen os, Tizen Supports .tpk installation files.



  • Low Battery Consumption.
  • It uses a very lightweight filesystem.
  • Customized UI.



  • No Google Play Store Access.
  • Due to the open software’s license, it is easy to modify or customize so there is no proper support.


2.  Plasma Mobile – Alternative Operating Systems

Plasma Mobile Operating Systems

Plasma Mobile is an open-source OS, which is developed by a KDE (K Desktop Environment). If you’re conversant in Linux distros than you heard about KDE KDE Plasma is accessible for desktops, netbooks, media centers for TVs, tablets, and now in mobile devices, except for now pmOS only supported into Nexus 5 and One Plus Devices.



  • KDE-based Mobile OS.
  • It’s capable of running Ubuntu and Android apps.
  • More secure.



  • Too Few Apps


3.  Librem – Another Operating System

Librem - Android Alternative Operating System

Librem isn’t an open-source OS. It’s an open source mobile device.

It provides a Linux distro named Pure Operating System which is privacy and security-focused developed by Librem.

Librem 5 is launched within the Last year 2017 for smartphones.

It’s running on Free/Libre and Open Source software and a GNU+Linux OS.



  • Does Not Track You.
  • Layered Security Protection.
  • Layered Security Protection.



  • Lack of support for apps.


4.  pmOS – Android Alternative Operating Systems

PostMaker Operating System

pmOS is also known as PostMaker Operating System it is touch-optimized, pre-configured Alpine Linux with its own packages, which can be installed on smartphones.

PostMarket Operating System trying to achieve the same on the mobile platform by tweaking alpine Linux into a touch-optimized platform.

PostMarketOS is under the development phase for now.


5.  LineageOS – Android Alternative OS

LineageOS - Android Alternative OS

LineageOS is an Open Source Operating System, this Operating System is used for smartphones, tablet computers.

Lineage Operating System was introduced after the CyanogenMod  Rom discontinued development And Stop their supports to Custom Roms in December 2016.

LineageOS was officially launched on 24th December 2016, and LineageOS now supports 178 smartphones.

Lineage os is also called a Custom ROM Android distribution, LineageOS also allow the community to make changes in their ROM.



  • Stock Android.
  • SuperUser (root user).
  • Custom Tweaks.
  • UI Customization.



  • No particular Support due to the open-source project.
  • Camera bugs.

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