best Airbnb podcast

best Airbnb podcast

Listening to podcasts is not limited to any profession or job; in fact, listening to podcasts can attract people in the Airbnb business, including hosts, short-term rental managers, and owners. We have listed the best Airbnb podcast for starting, growing, and maintaining an Airbnb business

These podcasts, which can be in either audio or video format, can be a source of acquiring knowledge on how to entice more travelers or customers and grow your Airbnb business.

best Airbnb podcast

There are many Airbnb podcasts available, but we have taken the time to explain the best ones which are Airbnb investment properties podcasts. These podcasts include Get Paid for your pad, Thanks for visiting, Airbnb Investment Properties Podcast, Short term rental success stories, Airbnb Entrepreneur Successes Revealed, Hosting Journey, Into The Airbnb, BiggerPockets, Shampoo & Booze, and Hosting Your Home.

Podcasts are designed so that every discussion meets your business needs and answers most questions in your mind.

Every podcast host brings influencers and guests to engage in talks while providing information. In this article, we will talk about some of the best Airbnb podcasts.

5+ Best Airbnb Podcast for when starting Out in 2023

1. Get Paid for your Pad

This podcast is hosted by Jasper Ribbers, the author of a book in the Airbnb business – Get Paid For Your Pad: How to Maximize Profit From Your Airbnb Listing.

Apart from this book and the podcast, Jasper owns a blog where he gives advice and talks to people in the Airbnb business.

One fantastic feature that attracts many people to this podcast is its description. Many topics are covered, and each subject tells the guest what to do to be different from other short-term rental managers and owners, how to connect with guests through many social media platforms, and how to get through interviews. This podcast has over 300 educating episodes.

Getting paid for your pad comes with many learning resources and a conversational discussion style with many real-life experiences from guests and hosts.

2. Thanks for Visiting

Annette and Sarah are the hosts of this fantastic podcast; they use different stories from many guests and interviewees who are short-term rental managers, owners, hosts, and bloggers.

This podcast boasts of having professionals and experts, so each episode is exciting and educating. The Thanks for visiting have a solid social media presence and buzz, attracting listeners who enjoy and share the 30-minute-long episodes each time.

Another feature that attracts listeners is the creative and catchy headlines used by the two fantastic hosts.

Every guest invited to each podcast episode uses a conversational style. All guests use stories and insights to drive home profitable ideas while giving the listeners fun.

3. Airbnb Investment Properties Podcast

David Leroux, a real estate investor and author of a book on Airbnb investment properties, hosts this podcast. One feature that differentiates this podcast from other podcasts is the target audience; the niche is only for those interested in investing in real estate and buying and renting sublet properties.

Unlike most podcasts that last up to 15 to 30 minutes, Airbnb Investment Properties Podcast lasts just two to five minutes. The host – David Leroux, thinks most real estate investors need more time to listen to long episodes; the shorter the podcast, the more these listeners give them their time.

The host of the Airbnb Investment Properties Podcast uses his personal experience to advise listeners on the best rental properties and investments. Each day comes with a new episode that gives listeners different but new tips.

4. Short-term Rental Success Stories

Julian Safe, the podcast host, invites many guests who are professionals in the rental business; this is her way of attracting listeners. This podcast style is conversational, but more attention is given to the interviewee with little details about the host.

One fantastic feature of Short term rental success stories is the transcript it comes with, making it easier for listeners to read any information they might have missed while listening.

Each episode has quality recording and audio, with new topics lasting for an hour. Due to the length of each episode, the host airs one every week.

Some of the topics discussed in this podcast include strategies for growing direct bookings; how to scale up rental management companies; tips on standing out in a crowded market, and techniques for house hacking.

5. Airbnb Entrepreneur Successes Revealed

Rachel Prince, an Airbnb realtor and author host of Airbnb Entrepreneur Successes Revealed. This podcast focuses on interviews with investors, entrepreneurs, buyers, and owners of homes.

Each episode lasts 40 minutes, with the host asking provocative questions to her guests about different topics. The podcast styles include interviews on diverse topics, fluent conversations, and provocative questions aimed at the guests.

Some examples of topics covered in this podcast include how to avoid rental arbitrage bankruptcy, a new algorithm from Pricelabs that can help listeners with the automation pricing tool, vacation rental market predictions during and after Covid19, how first-time buyers and homeowners can use the Airbnb platforms to earn six-figure business models in under a year.

6. Hosting Journey

Hosting Journey is recommended for home-sharing owners who need tips and steps to grow their careers gradually. This podcast is hosted by Evelyn Badia, a home-sharing educator for many years, giving talks and presentations at many Airbnb conferences and seminars.

For some episodes, the podcast host invites guests to discuss different topics. In contrast, in other episodes, she talks about her life experiences in the business and offers tips to listeners.

One fantastic feature of Hosting Journey is the personal and relaxing atmosphere the host creates for listeners both during the show and in the description of each episode.

Every episode description has enticing and insightful information about what listeners will learn and a little introduction about the interviewee.

Each episode lasts an hour with a conversational style from both the host and the interviewee. There is also a sense of humor and creativity in each episode.

7. Into The Airbnb

Into The Airbnb has different episodes where the host interviews many hosts who tell their real-life experiences owning and managing short-term rentals. This podcast is targeted at people who are interested in starting short-term rentals.

Each episode lasts between 15 to 60 minutes. Some of the topics discussed in Into The Airbnb include how to make up to $5k and $6k in a month with a 2/2 listing; how to make 10 to 20 percent more revenue with short-term rentals instead of long term; making 35 percent cash-on-cash return in each property when managed remotely; tips for making $40k to $50k annual revenue with 6 Airbnb listings in Roswell.

Into The Airbnb is aired on Apple podcasts, Castbox and Podchaser. This podcast is recommended for those who wish to listen to the experiences and stories of many Airbnb hosts and tips that can help maximize revenue.

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8. BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

This podcast has existed since 2004, with many resources that will benefit aspiring and experienced real estate investors. The topics range from how to grow a rental portfolio, invest in long-term real estate deals and create a steady passive income stream.

BiggerPockets, a Real Estate podcast, brings expert and professional real estate investors and entrepreneurs to narrate their experiences and strategies for becoming successful. You can listen to this podcast on Castbox, Apple, and Podchaser.

9. Shampoo & Booze

This podcast is hosted by Ryanne and Jay, who have been renting short-term rentals since 2015. Shampoo & Booze boasts of having experts who share strategies and tips for managing a vacation rental remotely. The topics discussed in this podcast are helpful tips for sourcing and renovating pieces of furniture.

Apple podcast, Castbox, and Podchaser are platforms you can listen to episodes of Shampoo & Booze. A new episode is published every week.

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10. Hosting Your Home 

Hosting Your Home podcast is sponsored by Debi & Rob Hertert, who have been renting their homes since 2009; the podcast started in 2016.

This couple invites other Airbnb short-term rental hosts to tell their experiences and stories with their guests. The podcast focuses on telling stories of strategies that will bring hosts and guests together.

Each episode comes with practical tips and profiles of excellent hosts to create stable connections with Airbnb hosting. Every week, a new episode is aired.

There are other good Airbnb Podcasts you can listen to on Spotify; they include:

• Unlocked hosted by Matt Landau

• Vacation Rental Machine co-hosted by Jon Bell and Julian Sag

• STR Secrets Podcast

• Prep The Room Podcast

• The Short Term Rental Profits Show

• Live Let Thrive

• Vacation Rental & Airbnb Mastery

• The STRU Podcast

• STR Intel

Bottom Line

Many podcasts are owned and hosted by experienced, professional short-term rental managers and owners. They talk about their experiences with many guests and the strategies they used to navigate the industry. These hosts also invite interviewees and guests who give tips and pieces of advice to listeners.

We have listed some of the best Airbnb podcasts with fantastic and experienced hosts, including enticing and insightful topics for each episode. You can check them out and select your favorite.

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