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Nature’s Radio: Listening to Birds Singing to My Microphone

The more you bird, the more you see, and the ‘birdier’ it looks! Taking a snapshot with a camera helps capture a memory...

Here’s the List of the Top 10 Emojis of 2021

Unicode Consortium, the not-for-profit organisation responsible for digitising the world's languages, has released data about the most frequently used emoji of 2021....

Twitter Admits Policy ‘Errors’ As Far-Right Abuse New Pictures Posting Rules

Twitter's new picture permission policy was aimed at combating online abuse, but US activists and researchers said Friday that far-right backers have employed...

Xiaomi Monitor 27-Inch 4K, Redmi Monitor 27-Inch Pro Debut: All Details

Xiaomi Monitor 27-inch 4K and Redmi Monitor 27-inch Pro have debuted in China. The Xiaomi Monitor 27-inch 4K comes with a PANTONE-certified display...

Bitcoin Among Major Cryptocurrencies Hit by a Big Price Plunge

Bitcoin shed a fifth of its value on Saturday as a combination of profit-taking and macro-economic concerns triggered nearly a billion dollars worth...